Best Hunting Backpack Parts 2018

Most of you already know about backpacks if you are going for hunting thing you would need a functional backpack for hunting. The bags come with a variety of critical functions which every hunter should have in is arsenal.

The excellent hunting backpack will be comfortable, durable and packed with survival features and functions.

Before buying a best hunting backpack, you should understand the essential parts in the best pack.


Body: most of the favourite hunting backpack has a narrow and tall design to make it easy to carry and move.


Frame: these are the bones of the backpack where it should be able to hold the sections together strongly.


Back: this is the behind the backpack, and it is essential because it determines the level of comfort.

Waist Belt

Waist Belt: this is a critical factor since it allows the load to appropriately carried to make the moving faster.

Shoulder Bads

Shoulder Bads: they are responsible for distributing the weight correctly to reduce the pressure on the shoulders.

Pocket and Ropes

Pocket and Ropes: these are the places where you could store a range of different items for your camping for a hunting trip.

Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories: these are features each brand as to improve the hunting back even further and provide a unique advantage to the hunter.

So when you are going to buy a new backpack for hunting expedition make sure to check these essential parts in the models you are interested. While considering, I’m sure you will be able to make a significant purchasing decision on your hunting backpack.

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Sportsman’s Media Group Announces the Fishlife Collegiate Tour

An Alabama based, bass fishing tournament series developed for Collegiate Anglers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., December 12, 2012—Sportsman’s Media Group, a firm founded by sportsmen to promote the outdoor lifestyle through specialized websites, forums, social media engagement, tournaments, and other special events produced under the Fishlife brand, has formed the Fishlife Collegiate Tour.

The Fishlife Collegiate Tour has been established to give all collegiate anglers a chance to compete against one another and other university teams in a series that spans the entire year. Not just two or three qualifying events. This is an eight event, two day championship tour, fishing the beautiful lakes of Alabama.

“We’re excited to put together this tour for the collegiate anglers and give them a chance to compete against one another in their own series. Our new tour allows us to give the collegiate anglers another platform to compete and will bring meaningful marketing opportunities to potential sponsors, as well as communications tools that will further enhance the experience for all those who participate in SMG-produced events,” said Sportsman’s Media Group Founder and President, Jody Harrison.