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College anglers, are you ready to learn to write, promote and even make money for your school? is here to help you.

1. Write an Article

A college angler writes an article on anything fishing related. It can be a how-to article, a tournament recap or a story about how you got started in fishing. It’s your site, we are open to articles on just about anything other anglers will want to know.

2. We will review it and make suggestions and where possible find ways to earn money for your school.

The college angler submits the article to [email protected] for review. We will review it and make notes about what is missing or what needs to be removed, etc. We’ll also look at it and try to find a way to work in affiliate links which will earn the writers school money. We are working on a bunch of websites that offer affiliate programs to college level anglers.

3. You review or make changes according to our notes to you.

When the writer receives the article back you they will make appropriate changes and then resend it to us.

4. We will publish the article on with photos where possible.

That’s it – you’ll be a published writer and will start to gain experience on how to promote yourself, your sponsors and your school.