Sportsman’s Media Group Announces the Fishlife Collegiate Tour

An Alabama based, bass fishing tournament series developed for Collegiate Anglers

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., December 12, 2012—Sportsman’s Media Group, a firm founded by sportsmen to promote the outdoor lifestyle through specialized websites, forums, social media engagement, tournaments, and other special events produced under the Fishlife brand, has formed the Fishlife Collegiate Tour.

The Fishlife Collegiate Tour has been established to give all collegiate anglers a chance to compete against one another and other university teams in a series that spans the entire year. Not just two or three qualifying events. This is an eight event, two day championship tour, fishing the beautiful lakes of Alabama.

“We’re excited to put together this tour for the collegiate anglers and give them a chance to compete against one another in their own series. Our new tour allows us to give the collegiate anglers another platform to compete and will bring meaningful marketing opportunities to potential sponsors, as well as communications tools that will further enhance the experience for all those who participate in SMG-produced events,” said Sportsman’s Media Group Founder and President, Jody Harrison.

“When we formed Sportsman’s Media Group, and specifically our Fishlife brand, our goal was simple: to bring everyone who is passionate about fishing and outdoor sports together through a network of family-friendly web forums,” said Harrison. “Our rapid growth through forums such as our North Alabama Fishing Forums ( and our social networking tool,, has been nothing short of remarkable.

By tapping into the rapidly growing collegiate tournament fishing world, SMG brings a tremendous opportunity to grow the brand, expand our reach, and teach even more people about the joys of fishing and the great outdoors.”

Fishlife Collegiate Tour Utilizes Healthy Water Weigh-In System 

The latest successful venture for Sportsman’s Media Group is the Fishlife Bass Tour ( a series of fishing tournaments across Alabama for weekend anglers with competitive payouts and an unrelenting focus on conservation practices.

“Our Fishlife Bass Tour has raised the bar on conservation by utilizing the guidelines set by Shimano in the development of water weigh-in systems to drastically reduce fish mortality rates at our tournaments.

It’s certainly more costly to use this system, and we are only one of a few groups in the nation doing it this way, but we’ll never compromise on our conservation standards. This is an important benefit for those who participate in our tournaments,” said Harrison.

“We will be using this system in all of our collegiate events to not only take care of the fish in our tournaments, but to show everyone that conservation is the main focus in all of our events.

A series of on-site Fishlife educational events are planned for next year, which will showcase why the water weigh-in system is vital, and how the latest conservation techniques and best practices have a positive impact on the environment.

“We want to make sure that our environment is preserved, so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy fishing our beautiful lakes as much as we do. The key to making that happen is education. At Sportsman’s Media Group, we’re absolutely committed to it, to showing the way,” added Harrison.

About Sportsman’s Media Group (SMG) 

Sportsman’s Media Group was formed by outdoorsmen Jody Harrison and Pete Tunner to provide a forum for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts to share their passion and knowledge of the sport with each other in a family-friendly environment.

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